We are a full-service independent laboratory that has been a trusted partner of the compounding pharmacy community for more than 25 years. With a lab staffed by scientists and industry experts, Front Range Labs is well-equipped to serve all compounding pharmacies... 503A OR 503B.

We offer quality control essentials such as sterility testing, bacterial endotoxins, assay, and identification as well as comprehensive validation, verification and development services. Let Front Range Labstake care of your environmental monitoring, media fill, process fill, microbial identification and other regulatory obligations.

FDA Registered and ISO 17025:2005 Accredited, Front Range Labs operates within cGMP regardless of client compliance requirements. There are enough challenges in our industry without having to worry about your testing lab’s compliance commitment. We’ve been there, we get it and we are here to see your business through.

Whether you are a traditional compounder needing a few tests for a state board requirement or a 503B just starting up, Front Range Labs has the staff, technology, and knowledge to take care of all of your quality control needs.

Let our experts be your experts

ISO 17025
Accreditation No. 8047
Perry Johnson Labs

FEI 3003240654 (FDA)
API/FDF Analytical Testing